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From Recommendation to Reality: Implementing Workflow Changes in Collections and Technical Services

Date: November 2, 2005
Time: 1-5:00 PM
Place: The Francis Marion Hotel, 387 King St., Charleston, SC
Cost: $150

R2 has spent much of the past five years analyzing and making recommendations about selection to access workflows in libraries. Many libraries have embarked on similar initiatives on their own. Regardless of their origin, ideas about workflow improvement have little value unless and until they are implemented. Many organizations find themselves unable to make much-needed changes, even if they fully endorse a new vision for their own future. What does it really take to embrace major change? What are the barriers that prevent organizations from moving forward? Are they related to: a lack of enthusiasm? A lack of information? A lack of leadership? A lack of clarity? Inadequate systems support? Cultural lethargy? The absence of a champion? Consortial dependencies? Staff limitations? Vendor limitations? Union rules? All of the above?

Please join us to discuss the barriers that prevent your libary from moving forward boldly, and to learn techniques for anticipating and overcoming them. We'll present strategies for getting started, drafting a plan, establishing time frames, developing tools, creating momentum, and fostering a sense of inevitablility that change will occur.

R2 will present implementation strategies from our own experience and will establish a framework for discussion, but the sesion is intended to be highly interactive. In reponse to audience remarks, six awsome panelists who have wrestled with these issues, will share ideas/strategies/philosophies that could help, and/or descriptions of similar scenarios from their own experience, the approach taken, and whether or not the outcome was positive.

We encourage attendees to come prepared with examples of the hurdles they face, the obstacles that block real progress in Collections and Technical Services. Everyone who wishes will have a chance to tell their story and receive some of the best advice in the industry. Make this workshop your first step toward implementing workflow and organizational changes in 2006!


Michele Crump --- Chair , Acquisitions and Licensing Department
University of Florida Libraries

Daniel Dollar --- Digital Resources Librarian
Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University

Toni Katz --- Assistant Director for Technical Services
Colby College

Joe Toth --- Collection Development Librarian
Middlebury College

Stanley Wilder --- Assistant Dean for Information Management
University of Rochester Libraries

Karen Williams ---AUL for Academic Programs
University of Minnesota Libraries