consulting to academic libraries and library vendors

“Library after library has sacrificed
reader accommodations to the
imperatives of shelving. The
crowding out of readers by
reading material is one of the
most common and disturbing
ironies in library space planning.”

~ Scott Bennett, Library Space Planning
At a time when print use is declining, there is a clear opportunity to free space by by drawing down print monograph collections. The availability of data to support rules-based deselection now makes it easier to pursue this opportunity responsibly and cost-effectively, while supporting shared print archiving efforts.

Sustainable Collection Services (SCS) offers deselection decision-support tools to academic libraries.

SCS Insight: Sustainable Collection's Company Blog

This blog highlights product developments, ideas about service, and interesting case studies in conjunction with SCS library partners.

Recent entries include:

- Maine Shared Collection Strategy (MSCS)
- Collection Analytics: Full_Service or Self-Service?
- Preparing Library Data for Collection Analysis

Sample & Hold: Rick Lugg's Blog

This blog continues to comment on profession-wide issues related to deselection and shared print.

Recent entries include:

- PANtecedents
- The Pipes of PAN
- I Pity the Poor Immigrant
- Not Dark Yet
- Talking with Faculty about Library Collections

Patron Driven Acquisitions: History and Best Practices

Rick has contributed a chapter to a new book called Patron-Driven Acquisitions: History and Best Practices, edited by our good friend David Swords. It includes chapters by Doug Way and Julie Garrison of Grand Valley State University, Michael Levine-Clark of the University of Denver, Kari Paulson and Robin Champieux of EBL, Bob Nardini of Coutts/Ingram Digital, and several other PDA and ebook luminaries.

The book was published in both print and electronic form in July by DeGruyter as part of its “Currrent Topics in Library and Information Practice” series. Rick’s chapter is called “Collecting for the Moment: Patron-Driven Acquisitions as a Disruptive Technology.”

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